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February 14, 2012 / justinmacwha

Smoking in Bars

Now I want to start this particular rant off by clarifying that I am very anti smoking, never puffed in my life. All that being said however I do very much believe in business owners rights… More specifically calling to the right to serve whom ever they feel inclined to serve or not serve. So why is it that smoking has been banned in restaurants and bars? That the right to choose your clientele has been squashed? Well people complained… The non-smokers said “Hey! We like restaurants and bars, but we hate the smoke!” So a bill gets proposed… A vote is cast… And like that ‘roll the snare drum’ smoking is gone in bars.

Now most people just try to villanies smokers as being awful inconsiderate monsters who are very content killing themselves and every single living thing around them. Now a rational person knows this isn’t true, and that most smokers are considerate and kind individuals. They have no interest in inconveniencing, hurting or even just plain bothering people, they just want a place and an atmosphere where they can unwind and relax. Nothing wrong with that, right?

The problem with a vote like this, is that it doesn’t properly represent both sides of the conflict. You have thousands upon thousands of non-smokers who don’t frequent bars, rarely frequent restaurants but are still anti-smoking. So they vote, they vote no, no we don’t want smoking in places we might go, no those smokers can go outside, it’s a fair compromise so that my sensibilities are not infringed upon if and when I choose to enter a bar.

Now I’m not ignoring the non-smokers who do frequent these establishments, I agree whole heartedly that they should be allowed to have a place that is smoke free, but alas they are the minority in this debate and this is where the rights of the business owner comes in. If business owners wanted to cater to smoke-free customers they would, it is truly as simple as that. If non-smokers represented enough of their businesses income they would have been non-smoking year and years ago. It is no different than if customers in a sports bar didn’t like sports, then the owners would turn off sports or risk losing business. At the end of the day the business owner chooses, it is their right as it is my right to choose who smokes in my own home and the government has no right to take that away from them or me.

So what about the people who work in those bars? The waitresses, waiters and bartenders who must work in an environment where they are having their health put at risk everyday, what about them? Shouldn’t they have the right to work in a place where they are safe? Seems reasonable…

The real issue I have with all of this, is at what point does free will come into play? Were they forced to take this particular job? Were they unable to quit? The answer is no, freedom and more importantly free will is still very much a fundamental right of this country.  Not only that, but the dangers of second-hand smoke has been widely advertised by the anti-smoking lobbyists and as such is common knowledge in our everyday lives. So at what point do I feel the need to sympathize with someone who chooses to work in the kind of environment where they would be subjected to second-hand smoke? It was their choice, ’nuff said.

I think one aspect of this issue that most upsets me, is veterans and their Legions. Under the current laws it is illegal for war veterans to smoke in Legions… There seems like there is a flaw in here somewhere, so what I’m saying is these men, who fought for our country for freedoms and liberties such as smoking in a bar, are no longer allowed to smoke in their own club houses? Does any of this seems fair to you? Who has any right to tell them they can’t smoke in their own space?

So I round this whole rant out by stating that I, as a non-smoking individual who does not frequent establishments like this, has no right to dictate how anyone runs their business or who they choose to serve, and as such neither does anyone other than the owners of the businesses themselves.




January 31, 2012 / justinmacwha

Disney Villains

Today I wish to speak of a topic that is very near and dear to my heart…


What I want muse about today is, what happened to the great Disney movies of days past? Where did fantastic movies like Beauty and The Beast and Aladdin go? Yes I know
many will say “What about Pixar? Toy Story, Cars, Wall-E and the like” Well yes I wont discount those movies, but are they truly the movies we all grew up on? As much as
I love Pixar and the majority of their movies, I still take notice that as great as they are, they pale in comparison to Disney of old.

What changed? What’s missing? Was there some bloodless coop at Disney that inevitably removed the awesome from their movies?

My conclusion is this, “EVIL”. That’s the variable that changes the equation that is otherwise Disney. Now I don’t mean that Disney as a company is evil, far from it. It’s the villains of the Disney world, they’ve been tamed, toned down and told that they are no longer allowed to be “Evil”. When I say “Evil” I mean it in the truest possible sense of the word. The villains of today Disney are no longer “Evil”, they are mean, rude, bad, misguided, even misunderstood and they all tend to get their comeuppance in the end.

Disney of old, the villains, were violent, cruel, spiteful and killed with no regard. Once again, the variable that changed was that they were truly and uncompromisingly “Evil”. I’ve come up with a short list I feel very much shows what I have concluded.

We’ll start right at the beginning of both companies movies

There are many many more example, in my opinion almost every Pixar villain beyond these three just get less and less evil. Where on the old school Disney end of things there are many many more violent and “Evil” offenders. So what happened? Where did evil go? Why did it leave?

One final thought, if today villains lack that spark of “Evil” what happens to our heroes? The quality and strength of a hero is reflected in the strength and power of what he or she must overcome, have the heroes of our youth left us forever?


January 18, 2012 / justinmacwha


So today is the big SOPA blackout, wherein we see some of the largest free information sites out there go black today to protest the possible passing of the SOPA bill. Now for all those out there that don’t what SOPA is, it is the Stop Online Piracy Act, essentially what the objective of the bill is to stop people in the United States from uploading and pirating media that is not their property and as such copyright infringement. Seems reasonable and fair right? I create content, it should be protected, very reasonable…

Well unfortunately the proposed way that SOPA would go about doing this will essentially “censor” the internet and devastate the online economy and by association the world’s economy. How could one little bill do so much damage do you ask? Well in the “protection” of any and all copyrighted material were you a reader to post a comment on this very blog linking a video on youtube that infringes on some form of copyright, not only my blog could be pulled down, but word press could be pulled down as a whole and both myself and the owners of could face some form of legal recourse all because some random reader wanted to share something that they believed in/thought was funny/expressed their feelings.

Something seems drastically wrong with that. Unfortunately the sites most hurt by the passing of SOPA are “user-generated content” websites like youtube, twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia. So what ends up happening? These sites begin censoring their content to protect themselves, censoring my content, your content, my views and your views. Thus we see the end of free speech as we slowly take it away from ourselves.

So what are the ramifications for us in Canada and the world stage as a whole? Well what it means is that any website in any country that was to pirate US owned content such as movies or other media would face possible prosecution or harassment from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Lets think about that for a moment, an American arm of the government can police how other countries choose to regulate their citizens, their internet providers and their websites. Does something seem wrong with that?

Now I saw a SOPA inforgraphic this morning that I thought well stated a lot of the points against SOPA and I wanted to share it with you.

Now I do understand what the essence of what SOPA is trying to do. It is just trying to protect people’s intellectual property and ensure that when you do create something, that said something is and will be protected from theft. The issue with SOPA is that it is far too broad in its definitions, too up to interpretation, and interpretation is a dangerous thing. I leave you today with this final thought. What happens to you the day someone chooses to interpret those Halloween pictures on Facebook of your son and daughter dressed as Batman and Princess Jasmine as copyright infringement?


January 16, 2012 / justinmacwha

What do you think of that?

Howdy one and all,

MacWha here with my first posting of a new segment I’m working on. I like to call it the “What Do You Think Of That?”, Where instead of raging and ranting about whatever is currently pissing me off, I spend my time observing the human condition and otherwise viewing the oddities of life.

So all that being said, I was thinking about movies and the ratings said movies have, G, PG, etc etc etc… All here to protect children from the horrors/nudity/violence that they may view right? Now the ponderance I pose to you today is this…

If a 10-year-old version of myself was to go to a local video store and try to rent, oh I don’t know, Stephen King’s It, a very scary rated R horror movie, by all rights I would be refused service as I absolutely should be. However were the same 10-year-old me to wander into my local bookstore and go to purchase the book version of the movie, not only would I be allowed to purchase the book, but I would also likely be praised for trying to read such a difficult book.

What an odd thought that this could occur, now I’ve had some people try to tell me that video is more graphic than books, I don’t know about others, but I whole heartedly disagree. Books allow for so much more description and really allows the reader to feel the emotion of the characters, all that being said I think 10-year-old me would have had a lot more nightmares from that book. But hey, I don’t know. What do you think of that?


January 6, 2012 / justinmacwha

The Bro Code

So I thought today, as I often think on days, as such my particular thought was about “The Bro Code”. For those who are unaware of “The Bro Code”, let me give you a brief idea. “The Bro Code” is the final authority on acceptable behavior between and among dudes. What an interesting enigma, a private code most men all seem inherently to know Where does it come from? What causes it to be there, and why is it that we have it. What is this “Gene” or instinct that tells me “Yeah, he was at my house last night”.

Now I know “The Bro Code” has since gotten more notoriety over the last few years, with shows like “How I Met Your Mother” and “Bro-mantic” comedies bringing it much further into the mainstream pop-culture we all know. The Code as it is now is more of a joke than anything else, a “boys will be boys” so it were. But hidden in the background behind the jokes and the pomp, us “boys” all have a line in the sand, and I believe you’ll find that that line is almost exclusively the same for any man who does adhere to said code.

Now I shall cite certain rules and examples within the code, unwritten so they were. Porn… Porn’s a pretty clear one for me, for example my friend the other day was showing me his new tablet, going on and on about the cool features and neat Apps. As he was showing me the Apps, I saw that he had been clearly reading some form of erotic literature.Well of course this the point in the story that I start giving him shit and just generally razzing him for it, he begins to explain flustered at being caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar so it were and I immediately stop him. My only response being “I get it”,




No further explanation required, no need to speak of it again just “I get it”. We then went about our lives everything the same as always. Why is it that I get it? Why is it that if a random man was to come up to me at work and say “Hey, if my wife comes by here, can you please tell her I was here yesterday.” I would absolutely do it for him, I may ask him why out of my own curiosity, but his answer would not likely change me doing that act for him. Why would I do it? Why would I feel no remorse, conscience or sense of bad karma from it, if anything I would feel as though I had done a good deed that day for the man.

Why is that? Where is the motivation? My theory is that “The Bro Code” has become almost a higher functioning part of our basic deeper male survivalist instinct. A sort of, “If I’ve got his back, at some other point when I need it, someone will have mine” mentality. That each selfless act of being a “Bro”, is not some altruistic way of helping your fellow man, but that it is just a selfish way of us guys trying to stack the cosmic deck in our favor, so that one day when we need it, a fellow “Bro” will say “Yeah, he was at my house last night”


January 2, 2012 / justinmacwha

The Beginnings

Hello one and all,

So I’ve finally created a blog… A space for my general thoughts ideas and opinions. Its inception has been a long time coming for me and I’m pleased that I have been pushed by my lovely wife to create this blog, maintain it and update it weekly. As to the theme or direction of the blog, I have decided to just ramble on with whatever nonsense is on my mind.

So all that being said, welcome to the Mind of MacWha